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What Exactly Is A Sniper Rifle

The term ‘sniper rifle’ is used to refer to a precision rifle, the primary purpose of which is to ensure higher accuracy in the placement of bullets that are fired at long distances, compared to small arms. The design and construction of a sniper rifle ensures the highest degrees of accuracy and precision. Telescopic sight is fitted into these rifles to aid their purpose. Their bullet chambers are built to accommodate military centerfire cartridges. In the media, the term sniper rifle is used to describe a number of different types of accurized firearms which have the provision of telescopic sight and are used to target human beings.

rifle training, The word sniper is derived from word ‘snipe’. A snipe refers to a bird that cannot be hunted and shot very easily. The origin of the term can be traced right back to the 18th century, although the sniper rifle itself was developed much more recently. The first instance of something like this being used in battle was during the American Civil War, and the subject was the British Whitworth rifle. A higher degree of accuracy in the manufacturing processes and technological advances in the sphere of telescopic sight have resulted in mass manufacture of the present sniper rifles. The current version of the sniper rifle is used to equip soldiers in the armies across the world. These rifles enable specially trained soldiers to deliver the most precise of shots over considerably long ranges. Regular infantry weapons do not have such capabilities. The rifle could be a standard rifle, but once telescopic sight is fitted into it, it turns into a sniper rifle.

The sniper rifle is only used in the military field, and for the purpose of law enforcement. The handling of a sniper rifle requires much training and expertise. Only specially trained law enforcement personnel and specially trained soldiers are allowed the use of sniper rifles. It is a powerful and dangerous weapon. By the end of the Second World War, armed forces all over the world had been equipped with the sniper rifles. Since then they have played a crucially important role in military and defense operations.

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