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How to Choose the Best Festivals for YOU

With 7.4 billion individuals in more than 200 nations it’s no big surprise there are in excess of 6 thousand special festivals around the globe. Be that as it may, there’s just a single lifetime! How might you pick which to join in? How about we start with the nuts and bolts. Classifications cover, particularly since music, performing expressions and moving (just as eating and drinking) assume a significant function in many occasions, yet it’s conceivable to isolate then into 7 gatherings: Music, Theater, Cultural, Film, Book, Sports and Food. Presently, we should investigate a couple of them. Visit :- เทศกาลทั่วโลก




Numerous odd merriments fall under ‘culture’. For instance: Kanamara Matsuri in Japan where a penis is the focal subject of the occasion, and the Monkey Buffet in Thailand where Macaques (macaca monkeys) are served more than 2,000 kg of fruity treats, and La Tomatina in Spain where 100 tons of tomatoes are hurled in a monstrous road fight at the world’s biggest food battle.




Sports celebrations offer a couple of amazements as well, such as hustling difficult dromedaries Down Under at Camel Cup, and endless pontoon rivalries in a without water regatta on a dry riverbed at Henley-on-Todd in the Australian outback, and messy mud moving in the wake of running in mudflat long distance races at Boryeong Mud Fest along Daecheon Beach in South Korea.


All the eccentric, peculiar or foolish festivals around the world could fill books, so in this post I’ll zero in on the most well known classification, the one committed to music.




Select a melodic classification, a date, and a nation and you’ll discover feature groups and DJs in the midst of blasts of light and sound on enormous stages in goliath fields, in ghostly survives from relinquished structures, in fields that were once homesteads or fields for bovines, in antiquated fortifications, along sea shores or lakes, at the head of mountains, or on deserts in no place.

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